Image Studios is a true reinvention of the traditional salon business model. It's so much more than booth rental, so much more than other studio spaces. It's the passion of the people involved, the education, the business support, the ability to spread your wings. It's simply more fun when everyone succeeds.

Matthew Landis, Image Studios Salt Lake City

Image Studios is nothing short of life-changing. That's what makes every day a dream here.

Peggy Aagard, Image Studios Salt Lake City

Being at Image Studios was the best decision I could have ever made...I am continually inspired everyday by this collective group of entrepreneurs.

Tiffaney Everson, Image Studios Fort Union

I love the freedom and support that I get at Image Studios...Every established hair stylist should be here!

Michelle Money, Image Studios Fort Union

Image Studios is especially inviting to my clientele, not to mention I am surrounded by a group of fabulous industry professionals! What else could you ask for?

Jil Goorman, Image Studios Salt Lake City

I love having complete artistic freedom. I have enjoyed the creative process of designing my own studio the way I wanted it. And it's still evolving!

Robert Moody, Image Studios Draper

Catie Hansen, Image Studios Draper

Image Studios gave me the resources, opportunity, and support to BE the business owner I've always wanted to be.

Jared Gomez, Image Studios Salt Lake City

Image Studios is completely different than working for someone else. There's no way I would ever go back. This is above and beyond rewarding.

T'Ann Payne, Image Studios Draper